Albert Manduca is a Cuban-American travel lifestyle, landscape, and automotive photographer born in Miami, FL. He is also a commercial film-maker, a documentarist, a world traveler, and an outdoor adventure enthusiast with deep respect for nature and wildlife. Albert sometimes travels to as many as 15 countries a year while shooting for commercial travel campaigns as well as stock in both stills and video. When at home he crews on major productions as well as working on personal projects and shooting look books, catalogs, and table top for local companies. With a large network of producers, scouts, post production specialists, drone operators, hair & makeup, and stylists; productions of any size are possible. Productions are always thoroughly planned and executed with finesse to assure the client and photographer can have an enjoyable and creative experience instead of worrying about tedious details. 


How many years of experience do you have? "6 years professionally, but my dad put at Pentax Spotmatic in my hands around 25 years ago."

Who are you're favorite photographers? "I love all the greats. Henri Cartier Bresson, Richard Avedon, Annie Liebovitz, Mario Testino, Herb Ritz, Jay Maisel, Ansel Adams, Clyde Butcher. More recently, Michael Donovan, Chris Nicholls, Koray Birand. I tend to look at portraiture and fashion more than travel or landscapes."

Favorite Camera? "iPhone baby. All day. Its just always there." 

How many countries have you visited? "Im just above 40 right now, I counted the other day. I felt I had been to more, but thats probably all the cities. My friend Mark has been to over 100 already, I cant wait to see more of the world, this year should be great."

Do you have status with the airlines? "I just have gold with AA for now, its a sore subject, let's move on."

Top 3 Travel Destinations? "Iceland, Nepal, Patagonia. In that order." 

Whats your best travel story? "Probably getting deported from London because I was naive enough to tell the border guard that I was a wedding photographer and that I was meeting my client. By the time I told them the wedding was in California next year, I was detained and kicked out of the UK for not having a work visa."

Who are your dream clients? "I've always wanted to shoot a dramatic ad campaign for Arcteryx. I use their clothing exclusively on my outdoor adventures and I've always had a specific look in my head for them. Another would be REI, I've wanted to shoot for them for so long, I've done my homework on them. It will happen, I just need some more time to work on images to show them."

Whats your favorite food item? "Guacamole for sure and basically anything thing with Avocados in it. Salads, Tacos, Burgers." 

Whats your least favorite? "I love basically everything except milk and bell peppers, those are my two least favorite items for sure." 

Mac or PC?  "5 years with Mac, PC before that." 

Who is your favorite client? "Its a tie between Travelspective that sends me all over the world for their video travel magazine and Lou La Vie that lets me drive their absolutely insane supercars.  

What kind of car do you have? "I drive a 2005 Honda Element. Its super versatile. And balling as fu$#!"

That sort of sucks for a car guy doesnt it? "Yeah it does, but I dont exactly do photography for the money. I want to develop an S2000 this year as a track car but I honestly get to spend so much time behind the wheel of exotic hardware I might be a bit spoiled. 

What's your favorite car of all time? "Thats impossible to answer, if I could only have one car with unlimited funds I'd get a Koenigsegg One:1. Then again I'm always conflicted between my love for gas guzzling cars and my love for nature and mother earth. So publicly, maybe a Tesla P95D is a better answer."

Clients Include: